Engage for CPAs was built by CPAs specifically for CPA practices. It’s most popular features are (1) automation of basic administrative tasks; (2) the ability to collect advance fees from your clients; and (3) top notch engagement letters and CRM letters.

All of our letters were written by professional ethics attorneys with real-time updates for any changes in the rules of practice.

Separate letters and legal stuff

There are two parts to the engagement letters. The first part is a simple, plain language letter with the important terms of the agreement. This makes sure your clients know exactly what you will do for them; when; and for how much.

The second part is what we call a Policies, Practices and Procedures Addendum (PPPA). The PPPA is where all of the required or recommended notices, disclosures, and consents are explained.

For example, the PPPA has details about your policies, like your client’s responsibilities. It is also where you show the billable costs and late fee charges. It also has the consents for disclosures (for tax software, for example) and notices of electronic communications with a disclaimer.

The PPPA is incorporated into the simple client letter by reference.


We chose this model for several reasons. First, a long contract is hard to read. Remember the last ‘Updated Terms and Conditions’ you read? How about a rental car contract? No? Burying the key terms of the agreement is frustrating for your clients. It defeats the purpose of ‘clearly communicating the terms of the agreement’ to the client, which is the best practice under Cir. 230.

Second, separating the PPPA means that the required compliance – like consents and disclosures – can be updated automatically for changes in the rules of accounting practice, the federal rules of tax practice, or under state contract laws.

Easy to read

Finally, the PPPA was written by professional ethics attorneys and by malpractice lawyers. These lawyers know all of the rules and risks to accountants. This let us be sure that we covered all of the compliance requirements and got rid of any frivolous lawsuits.

We took these ‘legalese’ documents and carefully changed the PPPA into plain text. The PPPA uses we, us, you, and yours, for example, instead of ACCOUNTANT and CLIENT. There are no heretofores, therebys, or aforementioneds. Just plain language.

We’re happy with these letters and, based on feedback, so are our users and their clients.

Now you can see them for yourself!

In any event, we are pleased to share these letters with you for the first time. You can download the pdfs for use in your own practice. If you like these, enroll in a free trial and you can see how you can use the automated drafting and advance payments to really take your practice to the next level!

You can download the letters here.

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