Using the Dashboard

The first page you see when you open the app is the Dashboard. From here you can navigate to your account page by clicking your name on the menu ribbon. You can also create a new client by clicking the green circle ‘+’ on the left side, or navigate to the client page.

Client status. The status of each engagement is noted under the client’s contact information on the client’s engagement.

  • A new engagement that has not been sent to the client yet is noted as ‘Preparing.’
  • The status changes to ‘Contacted’ when the engagement letter is sent to the client.
  • The status changes to ‘Signed’ when the client has viewed and signed the engagement. ‘Signed’ engagements represent active cases with work in process.
  • When the engagement is finished and you’ve closed the engagement on the client’s page, the status changes to ‘Concluded’ to show that a closing letter has been sent to the client. This confirms that you’ve finished the engagement.


Counter. The number of client engagements with each status is displayed across the top of the Dashboard. This allows you to quickly assess your progress as each new engagement is created.

Client Engagements. The active engagements are listed in the table underneath the counter at the top of the page. Each line lists the client, the tax year and the type of engagement in process. The third column, Status, has four dots. There is one dot for each status and they are in order from left to right. The dots turn green when the engagement has been created (Preparing), sent (Contacted Client), and Signed. The last dot is for Concluded. Concluded engagements are not listed on the Dashboard. Finally, the last column lists the amount of the client’s fee deposit on retainer. Click the header of each column to sort the list. You can sort the active engagements by client name, engagement year and type, status, or by the amount on deposit.

Recent History. On the left side of the Dashboard is a link to the Recent Activity page. The current date is displayed at the top. Here, you can see any clients that were added and a list of the client engagements you worked on during the day. There is also a detailed log showing the day’s activities.

Engage is an easy-to-use engagement tracking app for CPAs.