Client Onboarding

The Dashboard is the first page you see when you open the app. From here you can create a new client by clicking the green circle ‘+’ on the left side of the page. You can also click the green circle ‘+’ at the top of the Client page.

Clicking the green circle ‘+’ opens the New Tax Client window. Enter your client’s name, phone number, mailing address and email address.

The mailing address is used as the address on any of the letters created for this client.

The email address is the address that will be used to send the proposed engagement letter to the client. The client must confirm their email address and verify their identity before opening the proposed engagement letter.

When you’re done entering your client’s information, click Save at the bottom of the window. Your new client is now listed on the Client page.

To edit your client’s information, click the client’s name to open the client’s record. On the right side of the Contact Info is the Edit link. Click here to modify the client’s contact information.

Engage is an easy-to-use engagement tracking app for CPAs.